Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Media power

We live in world in which we've abdicated our opinions to that of the media. We don't dare to think for ourselves.

After an event, a speech or a major change, we wait to hear what the so called opinion leaders have to say before we begin forming an opinion.

We don't even give ourselves the time to listen to our own instinctive thoughts first, but we give in to the pundits and that's bad.

Often time these high-paid talking heads hardly know as much as we do, have less experience and generally lack the common sense we were born with and have managed to keep alive all these years.

Do you need examples? Bernie Sanders made a lot of sense, but the media chocked his message so Hillary could retain her lead long enough to win the nomination.

A loud mouth like Trump would in an opposite, but similar way, chart the course of an improbable nomination all thanks to the power of a mesmerized media.

Perhaps might it be time to begin thinking for ourselves and ignore all these know-it-all who in fact know very little?

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