Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From Kamas to... Kamasutra!

This past Sunday, we took a drive into the countryside that surround Park City and went to Heber and Kamas, two rural towns that are growing and transforming themselves as they absorb Park City's population overflow.

Of the two, Kamas is the smallest and the closest to Park City as it's only a mere 20 minutes or 15 miles to the East from where we live. It's also the gateway to the Uintas, a high mountain range that has the particularity of running from East to West.

What's more, however, is that it has a hamlet a few mile further to the East, called "Samak", which is just “Kamas” spelled backward, so in that dubious twisted game of names, it came to my equally twisted frame of mind that Kamas lead to Kamasutra, and that's how I had to add "birthplace of kamasutra" to the town's iconic sign...

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