Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“Le Creuset” made in China?

We're lucky; for the past months or so, we now have a “Le Creuset” factory-outlet in Park City. Okay, it might not be here forever; we're told it's a so-called pop-up store, but still, they sell the “real thing” at very good prices.

We just bought a series of coffee mugs that not only look great and should last... forever! This morning as I was preparing our early, daily brew, I was curious to see if this fine product was still made in France.

I looked under one of the extra mugs we had in the cupboard, and on just one of them ($20 suggested retail price), saw a small clear sticker that the store employee forgot to remove, that said: “Made in China.” Okay, do I need to say more?

Le Creuset will say that a mug is just an “accessory” and I respond that the company, like so many others before is plain greedy and doesn't think twice for the sake of making more bucks. Shame on you “Le Creuset!”

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