Monday, April 4, 2016

Problem with daylight saving time...

America has reverted to daylight saving time for weeks now. Yesterday morning, I had no idea that it was Europe's turn.

So, as I woke up, my sleepy eyes deciphered 5:50 am on the barely lit alarm clock and I didn't hear the furnace; it should have kicked in at precisely 5:45!

I walked to the living room thermostat and saw no action, logged into my computer to the thermostat page, saw that it was programmed to 5:45 am, but nothing was happening either.
I became totally puzzled, cursed the system until another 5 to 10 minutes later when I finally realized that the “real time” was about 4:59 and not 5:59 am!

My old alarm clock tricked me one more year, with its turn of the century programming that was all changed by this idiot of George Bush after September 11, 2001!

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