Monday, August 15, 2016

Getting the adrenaline rush

When I was a young man, the only way I could get a sizeable surge of adrenaline was in driving my small french car very fast. It had no power, so that was always on the downhill side of a mountain road. I took lots of risks, had a few close calls and got unfairly lucky most of the time.
My dream car was a Matra Djet, an under-powered, mid engine sport car, but it was obviously ways beyond my means. So the aspiration went by, I got jobs that came with company cars, had a family, a home mortgage and the fast car fantasy vaporized.

In recent year, I kind of rediscovered that dream under the form of mountain biking with its generous rush of speed, near-misses, spectacular and bloody accidents and a constant overdose of adrenaline.

I guess I don't need to invest in a Porsche.

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