Friday, August 12, 2016

The $130 (new) printer

My six-year old printer just died on me. I only paid $150 for the machine, so it's cost ended up being a measly $25 per year, not counting, of course, the expensive ink-jet cartridges it had gobbled up in the meantime.

I immediately bought a replacement one, still made by HP, with even more bells and whistles for even less, just $130, but it took me a total of six hours to make it work between the time I tried to figure out by myself how to set the wireless up and print some ordinary envelopes.

Between my time, that of the retailer service tech and the HP support person, I bet that we burned through $350 to $400 on brain power that could have been totally avoided if the printer had been engineered and documented the right way in the first place!

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