Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Treasure Mountain is back!

In the mid 80s, Pat Sweeney who owns 120 acres around the current Park City Town Lift got approval to develop his land. This was back in 1986.

Today, he is returning before the city with an amended proposal that would represent 1 million square feet in new development 200 hotel rooms, 100 condominiums and a conference space. While what approved 30 years ago might have been half the size of what is requested today, even though this is far from clear.
Defacing the beauty of Old Town Park City, creating traffic nightmares should be enough to make the locals think twice, and this is precisely what has emerged at the recent hearings. Too bad no one is able to draw a good comparison between what was promised in 1986 and what the developer now wants. To be continued...

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