Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Let's make America Metric!

While the Olympics are forcing America into metricity for a couple of weeks with weird numbers like 100 or 200 meters, "Letting America be Metric" could be a bearable spin-off on Trump's campaign slogan.

As an overdue item on changing America for the best, I'd love to see us revisiting everything metric. With Burma and Liberia, we're the three stragglers on earth still clinging to a medieval measurement system that I had to learn and still don't master after about four decade of American life.
The cost of not going metric is estimated to some 1.5 trillion per year, but no one seems to care as everyone is focused on the cost of switching that would be a tiny fraction of this, not mentioning the fact that most industries are already using a dual system.

Even NASA broke the mold in 2007 and went metric after losing a probe as a result of getting mixed up with its units! I wonder what each campaign (Clinton and Trump) are thinking about this issue, and if they're yet alone aware of our backward stance in that domain?

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