Friday, January 29, 2016

Are my skis too long?

Last spring, I purchased a brand new pair of Rossignol Experience 88, in a 188 cm length. I had demoed the ski prior to purchasing it and I liked it a lot. That pair of boards joined a stable of a few other pairs of 186 cm and one pair of 180 cm skis.
I've been skiing on these new skis for a week and I must say that in challenging terrain (mostly trees) they requires much more work and attention to my technique. I've been skiing a lot on my 180 Salomons and became a bit too complacent if not just lazy...

Well, I think I'll adjust to these long boards, that on the flip side are fast, stable and quite pleasant; then, when I'm over 70 years of age, I'll probably start getting into the 170 range. Always a question of numbers!

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