Thursday, January 21, 2016

The joy of clearing snow

I enjoy when snow falls, not just because it means good skiing down the road, but also and almost as importantly, because it gives me a chance to clear the snow around the house. Snow removal at home is something I've always liked and in fact, seem to enjoy more and more as time goes on.

Yesterday was one of these days when it snowed all day and I had to keep on keeping snow out of the way, and boy, did I just got a kick out of it! That job is my form of compulsive-obsessive disorder and I love to be very systematic in the way I clear snow. Up to two inches is shovel work only. Above that, it's a combination of shovel and snowblower.

There's a system to my madness that got perfected over the years and from house to house. I love to do the job myself; it's a real treat. When it's done, I get a wonderful sense of accomplishment and I wouldn't want anyone else to do it for me!

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