Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bode Miller's back on skis

Except for Trump, few folks are as good as Bode Miller for generating publicity. It appears that now, Bode wants to return to ski racing in a month or so from now. If I'm not mistaken, our explosive champion is now 39 and has not trained much in recent years.

To add insult to injury, he's going to dump his regular Head skis and start on “Bomber”, a totally unknown entity.
Good luck! Unlike a Ligety, Hirscher or Svindal, Bode has never operated with a significant margin of superiority over his rivals and has always won by pushing the envelope to his own extreme limits and grabbing whatever Lady Luck would offer on his winning days, making his performance, hair-rising and super-spectacular in the process, but always elusive.

So when you mix all these elements, his winning chances in Sölden are extremely thin, if non-existent. The only guaranteed result is that we might talk a little about Bomber skis... That's my modest personal opinion.

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