Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fernie, the anti-Banff

Just like Park City, the mountain town of Fernie, in the southern part of British Columbia began as a mining town (coal) and has been working hard to transition into a mountain resort, with both skiing, mountain-biking and fly-fishing.

Because of its remoteness from a large airport (3 hours drive from Calgary) and its general isolation, the town is still like Park City used to be 30-40 years ago. A few restaurants, none of them very good though, a great looking ski mountain with a 3,500 feet vertical, but the community still has a very long way to go if it want to climb up the staircase of notoriety.

So if you are bullish on the future of heretofore unappreciated, undervalued mountain towns and are looking for the next diamond in the rough, Fernie might be the right number for you. As for me, I'm not quite ready yet to sell-out everything and invest it in that cute little town.
I just enjoyed my visit and still believe that it will take some time before it begins transforming itself into another Banff!

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