Saturday, September 24, 2016

Revisiting our former home...

It's just fourteen years ago that we sold our large home of twelve years overlooking the Park City mountains on American Saddler Drive in Park City.

Today, I got a chance to preview the massive remodeling our former abode had undergone over the past year. It's stands now even larger at some 6,300 square feet of area, with updated and beautiful finishes and captures even more views than ever before.
In the past 26 year, this home has seen our family, another one for a couple of years and a 9-11 widow and her kids for the following 11 years. Today, it's looking for a new household with a large family...

Do I feel regretful or nostalgic in walking back into what used to be our house? Not really, I now feel relieved that we've have substantially scaled down in view of this supersized dwelling that we could no longer afford!

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