Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Is there a way to reasonably “consume” Facebook?

If you are of average intelligence, you might have already concluded that Facebook is an incredible time-waster and that besides being a tool for narcissism, voyeurism and a host of not-so-desirable attributes, there are a lot of good reasons of spending little time on it, or better yet, severing all ties with that service.
Of course, sheer curiosity remains a strong enticement to stay linked to the addictive monster. Some might also call it “fear of missing out”.

In the middle of that reality, is there a “wise way” to consume the medium? I honestly don't know. I've tried to stay away from it and that hasn't lasted long.

Perhaps, should I behave like 95% of my Facebook “friends” by taking the passive attitude of reviewing it daily, but abstaining from posting anything. I'll try that!

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