Thursday, September 29, 2016

My weekend with Donald Trump

A well-connected friend of mine, suggested to Donald Trump that he should bring me in to provide him some badly needed political advice. I got summoned to show up at Trump Towers last Sunday for a fee amount that I won't reveal, all expenses paid.

Since the weather was quite pleasant. I showed up at Trump's home dressed as if I had attended a typical meeting in Park City. T-shirt, jeans and sandals. From the looks he gave me, I don't think Donald liked my attire, but without even exchanging the usual brief pleasantries, we dove right into the heart of the matter.

I advised him to smile a little bit more, be a little bit less of a bully and refrain from calling his opponents names. He didn't seem to appreciate my recommendations either. Instead, he asked me what I had been doing all my adult life, what was my net worth and if I even had a job at the moment.

After barely listening to my answers he blurted out: “So, you're a loser!” I wanted to say “Why makes you say that?” but before I had time to even mentally form my response, I heard him scream “You're fired!” I caught the next flight to Salt Lake and got home earlier.

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