Monday, September 5, 2016

Park City celebrates its mining legacy

Today is Labor Day, but in Park City, it's called Miner's Day, because our town was created from the mines that crisscrossed its subterranean territory and that extractive activity has made our mountain enclave what it still is today. So, this Monday stands as our 119th annual Park City Miner's Day celebration.

A nice way to acknowledge an old western mining town where billions in silver came out of the ground.  For us, this is our 32nd Miner's Day celebration. When we attended it in 1985, we had lived in the community for just a couple of weeks and like today, the weather was cool, almost cold, but with blue skies.

At six in the morning, we were awaken by a series of dynamite blasts and after the traditional parade peppered with politicians vying for office, we were treated to the traditional drilling and mucking contest at the City's Park and discovered what Park City's heritage was all about.

Today, the dynamite reveille is long gone, we might go biking instead of watching the parade, but we'll still celebrate Miner's Day in our hearts by thinking how far the struggling little ski town from the mid-80s has come and made place to modern and striving mountain paradise...

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