Friday, October 21, 2011

Air sickness

In June of 2008, as we flew from France to the United States, we suspected that we caught a bug inside the airplane that made us both very sick. I would in fact relapse during the following month of August and not get rid of my ailment until April of 2009. Last week, when we flew back from our wonderful European trip, Evelyne caught another bug – we suspect – inside the plane. Today she's nursing it and hopefully this one will go away faster than mine, three years ago.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that among the 250 passengers inside the plane, several can be sick as their breathing will recirculate inside the plane climate system for about 10 hours, enough to make a healthy person very sick. Then there is the issue of hygiene or lack thereof inside the cabin, from seats to head-rests to armrest, food trays and the rest, that in our views, are only superficially cleaned and must remain a wonderful habitat for all kinds of mean bacterias, micro-bugs and the rest.

My spouse reminds me that when I used to travel a lot, I was sick most of the time, but I seem to have conveniently “erased” that downside from my memories. I'm still in love with travel!

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