Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Airport parking story

Parking right at the airport can be very costly, especially if you leave home for more than 10 days; at $7 per day, parking quickly becomes a major expense. To minimize it, we decided to experiment with a new program that enables us to park at one of two nearby hotels for half that price. So when we left on our trip, I made the reservation on line, printed my email receipt and to avoid unnecessary stress in trying to locate the hotel, I set up my GPS to the address indicated on the document and drove towards the aiport.

When I reached the hotel, I ran to the front desk, gave my receipt and was told to park my car anywhere I wanted. When we returned, I called the hotel from the airport, jumped on their courtesy van and immediately went to look for my car, but I couldn't find it. After circling the lot twice, I went to the front desk and noticed that it didn't look quite the same as I had remembered it 13 days before. I asked the man behind the desk if I could have – by chance - left my car at some other hotel. He suggested I tried the one across the street. I did and found my car waiting for me. I had parked it at the wrong hotel and the attendant had barely glanced at the document I had given her!

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