Sunday, October 16, 2011

People don't change much...

During our recent European trip we were wondering about how people we know had changed over the years, and the only significant change we found was mostly in the way they looked (we hadn't been there for a good three years) with sometime some pretty significant differences – some had not changed a bit while others had undergone a more visible transformation.

This simply to say that people don't change much as such and if one expects changes in society, political life or business development, it's necessary to look beyond the evolution of a single person and reach for a new generation. That's right, in my view change has been coming and will continue to arrive from new, fresh generations. Just like the founders of Google or Facebook or, years ago, the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. So if you want your world to change for the better, don't elect or re-elect and old politician!

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