Friday, October 14, 2011

Another trip to Europe...

Early this week we returned from a great trip to Europe in which we saw many people that are dear to us. All went perfectly well and as we're now sorting our memories out, coping with jet-lag and catching up with household chores, we're still feeling a bit dizzy, not too sure where we really are and where we ought to be. One thing feels almost one hundred percent sure: We're delighted to be back home.

We still have found links with France, but those keep on fading, especially after having spent more than half of our lives in America. Our European counterparts keep on growing apart from us, ever so slightly, than after adding years and decades, the split begin to appear distinctly clear. Then we ask ourselves the question we've been pondering for years and years: If we had to do it again, would we move to America? After a few seconds, the response returns the same, unequivocal and loud, Yes!

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