Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forty-five years later

Our all-boys, high school reunion which was held in Cluses, France, this first weekend of October reflects a common odyssey that started there fifty years and for which we were celebrating today the 45th anniversary of the graduation that followed. We all had the chance to live in the midst of a technological, cultural and social revolution and all our time was marked by an easy economic life filled with a vast array of opportunities.

Today, our group consists of about thirty former students who came from all parts of France and even Germany, Tunisia and the United States of course! We all took pleasure in visiting our alma-mater, while our wives had to patiently go through the the endless visit of a variety of workshops and other facilities. Today, the drawing boards have disappeared and given way to the computer with all its might. There is just machining operations that aren't quite virtual yet, although robots will soon be doing everything. 
The rest of the day was spent eating non-stop from the little town of Thiez through the medieval village of Yvoire, on Geneva Lake, and we all had plenty of opportunities to share our memories and bring a lot details back that many of us had long ago forgotten. A smaller contingent left the next day for a lake cruise to Lausanne. A tight travel schedule did not allow me to participate, but I'll make a video to capture this wonderful gathering!

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