Monday, October 17, 2011

Discovering a new trail...

Today, we finally decided to go and hike up the brand new Armstrong Trail at the base of of Park City Mountain Resort that share a trail-head with Spiro. Named after a family that worked hard in favor of open space and not the cycling champion (as we always thought) this trail is uphill-only for biker and both directions for hikers and horses.

That trail is 4 miles long, with 1300 vertical feet elevation gain, and a top altitude is 8,150 feet right where it meets the Mid-Mountain Trail. We managed to miss that junction just by 0.4 mile because it was getting late, we didn't have a map and didn't know how close we were from that point. The climbing is sustained but not too steep and later this week I plan to test it for myself on the mountain bike!

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