Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broken chain...

A bike chain is like a car transmission. If it breaks, there's no more power available and that brings any motion to a screeching halt. That's precisely what happened to me two days ago when I was, with my wife, in the middle of nowhere and had to resort to some creative shortcuts in order to organize my rescue.

As the moving link broke, I didn't get mad but thought to myself “how in hell will I resolve that incident?” As my wife sped back home to get the car and pick me up by the nearest roadway, I alternatively cut through the sagebrush to rejoin a trail where I walked my bike as fast as I could.

I straddle my bike once or twice when the grade allowed it and eventually, was picked up, got to the bike shop, received a new chain and while I was there bought a chain repair kit that was sorely missing in my emergency supplies!

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