Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scenic morning run

More than 220 days a year, we run on our same morning course, overlooking the Park Meadows neighborhood of Park City and get a full view of our surrounding mountains, hills, homes, ski runs, trees, meadows and McLeod Creek, whether these landmarks turn green, red, gold or white. We are so lucky. There's never a day that is the same.

Most of the time our skies are blue, at time they receive big, fluffy cumuli or all shapes of clouds, quite often we seen one, two, three or even more balloons gracing the horizon. Sometime it rains, hails, snow or it's a moment for the wind to blow. Most of the the time we see all kinds of birds, on occasions a rabbit, a moose, some deer or more rarely a stealthy fox or even a herd of elks.

There are also plenty of folks. The regulars, the strangers, those who socialize and those who ignore us. We also get the cars, the trucks, the school buses, the garbage truck and the snowplow. The sights are never the same, yet they always remain scenic in their own ways.

We don't always fully appreciate the beauty, but I suspect it somehow gets to us, without our being even aware of it. It's part of our daily lives, it's our daily dose of wonderful views and frankly, we don't think we could live well without them...

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