Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cars, skiers, tires and skis

Often the set of parts that are the unsung hero of an automobile are ignored, taken for granted and not given their due. They're the tires and they're the key elements between the automobile and the rolling surface. The opposite is true for skiers.

The skis, that play the same role as the lowly tire, are glorified, get all of the spotlight and are decked to the hilt to capture the shots of all possible paparazzi. Yet, both components are the same. They must perform, be in good shape, last and of course wear out after the longest possible period of time.

The car engine (the skier's muscles), the transmission (the ski boots) play an equally, if not superior role though. All things being equal, put a good skier on a (modern) mediocre pair of ski and you won't see much of a difference, but put a poor skier on the best pair of skis, he or she will still show very poorly.

The conclusion of this story is that no matter the skis, what counts most is always the skier!

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