Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dealing with inertia...

Whether it's in business, schools or political life, inertia can play havoc on the most ambitious plans. Inertia is a road-block created by bureaucracy, traditions, fear of change and unwillingness to compromise.

There are also evil forces at work to maintain inertia in place: Fear of stepping forward, corruption and key players dragging their feet. Inertia is why seemingly good politicians can't appear to be able to “move the needle” or promising managers get caught into quicksand. There is also another component lurking in the dark: Too many stakeholders standing in the way of momentous change.

This is why some “tyrannic” organizations; i.e. Apple under Steve Jobs could jump off the starting blocks like a rocket and leave their competitors in the dust. Dynamic movement calls for revolution, but everyone's craving for comfort and status-quo kills it.

Revolution doesn't have to be bloody though, it has to explained and this is where the power of persuasion comes into play. Persuasion? Tell me, what ever happened to that formidable ingredient? Well, that's a complete other subject that we should debate sooner than later...

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