Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video lessons...

As I have mentioned in that blog, I discovered a great book that has taught me a lot about video-making. In addition, I've also arrived at some conclusions on my own, aimed at creating better action videos, particularly while skiing.

First there should always be a subject, I mean another person, in the frame, to provide some depth or perspective and create a better sensation of what is really happening while skiing. Just showing two ski tips doesn't do justice to the experience.

Second, following that skier is always better than preceding him or her, as the camera lens “loses” people at almost each turn, especially when doing long radius turn and evolving in steep terrain.

Finally, attention should be placed on staying steady (very difficult) and on skiing at reasonable speeds (otherwise “sea-sickness” is guaranteed). This later condition is certainly where my focus will be placed next season. It's also the most difficult to master!

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