Monday, April 16, 2012

Skiing with someone one-third my age...

Last Saturday, I was skiing at Canyons and run into a former Nordic Jumper and today student at the University of Utah. We did one run separately and as we reached the bottom station of the chairlift he asked me to do one run with him. I agreed under the condition that I would film his descent with my GoPro helmet-cam.

I wanted to test a few things and also was interested at practicing some steadier shots at high speed. So here I was following that young man down under the lift towers, a skier less than one-third of my age, in tricky snow made of 10 inches of 24-hour-old refrozen fresh snow topped by 2 inches of new one.

The young man skied with energy, flying on occasions (logical, he's been taking off from 90 meters Nordic jumps on a routine basis) and I did the best I could do to keep up with him as we barreled down the steep hill like two insane fellows. Another wonderful way for me to end the ski season at Canyons!

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