Friday, April 20, 2012

Liquid weather

Yesterday, I ran into that stunning Facebook photograph showing a bunch of French people being drenched in a pouring rain. The group looked pathetic and as if they just missed Noe's Arch and were doomed to be swallowed by high waters. This is a side of France that I remember very well and this is one of the best reasons why we enjoy our lives in Utah. That's right, our weather is golden. Perhaps too dry at times, but hardly ever muddy.
Even though, as it's so customary during spring, we just had three days with quite a bit of rain, there was always a break in the weather, during the day, that allowed us to go outside and breathe freely. I wouldn't know where to find one umbrella in our home, even though I think we own one or two, and yellow slickers are not to be found in our wardrobes; at the very best, windbreakers that we wear when we have to run in the mist...

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