Saturday, April 14, 2012

Does superstition bring bad luck?

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and as a joke – I think – one of my Facebook friend wrote that I should know that superstition brings bad luck. To which I immediately thought that, by pure symmetry, lack of superstition must bring good luck, which is not quite the logical, as it should bring a balanced distribution of good and bad luck. So much for that.

Then this got me thinking about superstition. I claim not to be superstitious, yet over the years, at times and in small doses, I've often drifted into that murky field. I have never been that religious, though. I've feared the punishing god, but never was convinced that he could really exist and that he really cared about me. What's true is that I somehow believe in serendipity and that things happen for a reason. That also irritates me a hell of a lot, because it goes against my rational reasoning.

That dimension is honestly tied to a form of spirituality that some folks might call superstition. I really think we're “plugged-in” into some universal outlet and that some of us are more apt at collecting that mysterious “force” and use it for the better in running their lives. That's right, I believe that this dark force, whatever it is, is profoundly good and that my work is now cut out for me if I'm serious about researching the subject...

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