Sunday, April 2, 2017

A different April 1 joke...

Yesterday, I was anxious to go skiing since it had been snowing a lot the day before and I had better things to do than go play.

So, I left early and got to Jupiter, my favorite Park City playground. When I got there, there were very few tracks and the ones I could see where quite “angular”, to say the least.

I cautiously proceeded down the bowl and had to use a mixture of jump turns, pretty high speed and careful ski placement to survive the crusty snow that must have been the most traitorous that I had ever experienced in Park City for the 30 plus years I had skied on the mountain.

I did a few runs and before I took a severe spill and broke something I traveled by ski towards the nearby Canyons and got to 9990, the Jupiter equivalent on that other side of the mountain.

There, I found some decent snow, which goes to say that a great geographical diversity can offer some distinct micro-climates that may turn a bad April 1 joke into a pleasurable skiing experience!

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