Saturday, April 29, 2017

The airline marketing opportunity

 For years, American legacy carriers like American, Delta and United have been in a tailspin in the so critical area of good customer service. 
This deterioration was evidenced recently during incidents involving a doctor forcibly removed from a plane or a mom with two kids and a stroller harassed by a flight attendant. When asked, American fliers say they'd rather travel with a foreign airline than a domestic one.

Which bring me to the point that the entire industry must be blind, dumb or totally brain-dead when it cannot even see an opportunity to create a new airline devoted to caring for its passengers, like this was the case fifty years ago.

Granted, it would be a bit more expensive, but everything would be included; things like smiles, attention, Nordstrom-type service and good food would be part and parcel of the flying experience.

Whatever happened to the American art of marketing; is it dead?

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