Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Alone on planet Jupiter

Jupiter sits on top of Park City and is one of the places where I like to recreate when I have my skis on.

The place can get mobbed on big powder days but you'll never see me lining up for making “first-track”. It simply isn't my style. I like to come to that special spot after the crowds are gone but the skiing is still excellent.

Yesterday, conditions on most of its runs were very, very bad and there was not a soul in view, except for the lift employees, the ski patrol and some rares skiers who pointed their nose, struggled to get down and turned around as quickly as they came.

After finding out how bad the main bowl (pictured here) was, I took a chance on one other run, “Portuguese Gap”, that also happens to be my favorite on this part of the mountain; it was so good that I took three consecutive runs there.

That's right, I stuck around and didn't fall like a fly, just as the rest of the other skiers did, but again in skiing parlance, I must be quite a cockroach!

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