Thursday, April 6, 2017

The fifth Beatle?

I'm not talking about Brian Epstein or George Martin, but about a dream I had two nights ago. I was somehow with the Beatles (I remember for sure that Paul was there, not so sure about the other three) and that I was asked to play along with them.

I was given a foldable guitar (in my dream, it worked a bit like the the flip phones of the 90s) and I guess, was expected to play. The problem is that I would be hard-pressed to play any musical instrument, even if my life depended on it.

So, I decided to pretend like I was playing. My stratagem seemed to work for a pretty long while, except that after each song, I was asked to stick around for yet another one. Soon the stress began to mount, to the point that I could no longer handle it.

Soon, I blew my top and as I did, I woke up, but the comforting thing is that none of the Fab Four seemed to notice I was a phony...

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