Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sampling Lake Powell

We had never set foot to Page and nearby Lake Powell and decided to get our feet (almost) wet by taking a little boat excursion on Antelope Canyon.

We certainly got the idea very quickly...

In leaving the town of Page, we checked out Glen Canyon Dam at the head of the lake. Quite a big deal in engineering!

Then, we traveled to Cedar City, through Kanab (is this the place where Kanabis was invented?), went through Orderville, stopped at Forschers (for sure) but couldn't find an ice cream or a fresh cake in this German “Konditorei”...

We drove up to 9,600' in the snowfields overlooking Cedar City before experiencing a picturesque descent and entry into town. That was the good part of the trip.

The not so good portion was to walk on a Saturday late afternoon in some empty streets where we had a very hard time finding a restaurant that would serve alcohol.

Cedar City was dead on a Saturday night! We finally got lucky and found a wonderful Mexican restaurant with beer to boot!

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