Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A matter of skiing style

We all approach sports and leisure differently. Compared to my contemporaries, my way of skiing is peppered with idiosyncrasies that make it radically different from them. I tend to make it a rather intense experience and there is very little room for being laid-back or dreamy about it except for the time I'm riding the lifts.

For one thing, I never stops in the middle of a run; it's always non-stop from top to bottom, regardless of the distance. If I'm with family, I may slow down a bit, but I wont stop willy-nilly at the top of a lift, smell the roses and decide where to go; there's plenty of time to make that kind of decision on the way up! I generally ski as fast as the conditions and my body allows it.
When I get a choice between an easy and a challenging run, I always pick the latter; I love difficult snow, impassable terrain and this has nothing to do with masochism. Unlike normal people, I always keep an exacting count of what I do: Number of ski days, total vertical, etc.

Finally, unlike most skiers of all ages, I am totally conscious that my days on skis are counted, so this point alone explain why I make the very best of what I've got left!

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