Saturday, April 1, 2017

Brexit... Good riddance?

Up until recently, Brexit had become the new “normal” for many. The Pound has dropped some, but it wasn't the end of the world yet for the United Kingdom.

This said, the 2016 UK share of the European Union's GDP is 17%, ($2.8 Trillion) which means that the UK has the most to lose as its access to the $14 Trillion remaining market won't be as easy after Brexit.

They are, of course many more measures that will become a reality two years down the road for the arrogant, picky and always unsatisfied partner. London's future as Europe's financial capital stands as the most ominous threat; the future of British low-cost airlines is also a big deal and a much harder time for its consumers and for expats of all stripes, whether they are EU workers in the UK or UK workers and retirees living the high-life on the Continent.

Sure, tourism in the UK may flourish and local exporters will do better for a while, but overall, the divorce is likely to be devastating for the average Briton...

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