Monday, April 17, 2017

Not what my doctor ordered

When Emma Morano passed away on Saturday at the ripe age of 117, it was revealed that the secret of her longevity was a steady diet of 3 eggs a day and not much reliance on fruits and greens.

In other words, the total opposite of what my doctor keeps on telling me. Her bad cholesterol must have stayed in overdrive for the past half-century and she would have flunked every single physical she would have taken.

My sense is that she (fortunately) never took take any. My doctor would have told her “Emma, at this point, your chances of dying of a heart attack are 100%!, I'll have to put you on statins...” If she had followed his admonition, her chances would have climbed to 150% and she'd be long dead...

Another good reason to say that ignorance is bliss!

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