Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A face-lift for Park City?

There's a huge real-estate project that's been hounding Old Town Park City since the mid 80s, called “Treasure Hill”, consisting of three-quarter of a million square feet of residential and commercial development just above town, as an idyllic, dreamlike, ski-in and out location.

For years there have been heated disagreements on its size (the developer would like to push it to 1 million square feet), road access (highly problematic) and looks as that massive build up may deface Park City's character.

Tonight, there will be another discussion of that controversial project at City Hall and among other topics, the owner will explain how he plans to use explosive to create the big hole needed, on the flank of the mountain, to cradle his baby.

The public hearing is going to be standing room only and something to be remembered. In the meantime a video of the how the project will fit into our little town has just been released and I absolutely didn't like what I saw.

Instead of the ugly high-rises showed on the clip, the buildings should hug the hill and blend with the existing colored mosaic of small miners homes, or at the very least, render the optical illusion of that continuum. I guess I probably will have to attend and voice my disapproval...

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