Monday, July 10, 2017

Loyal to Casio

Over my entire life, I've been a pretty loyal Casio customer when it came to watches.

Only twice, did I wear a time-piece other than Casio's. When I was about 12, and from my Communion, I got a cheap “Lov” french watch from my Godfather and Godmother and 10 years later, I bought myself a nice Seiko Chronometer watch.

After that, I've always been a steadfast Casio follower, owning a series of their trademark calculator-watches and more recently a G-Shock Solar model bought in 2011 for about $34.

Today that watch looks bad (the silver that used to adorn the case is gone, showing the cheap plastic material) but it works just perfectly.

Should I replace it? What a quandary...

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