Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Park City stereotypes

Back in the early 1990s, Salt Lake City had just become a Delta hub following the company's merger with Western Airlines. Around that time, about 500 pilot/flight attendant households suddenly moved to Park City to make it their home.

This massive “invasion” would have long lasting effects and significantly changed the complexion of our small mountain-town.

Today, there might not be as many pilots and their families left since many have since found that shoveling snow from November to April wasn't that fun and much preferred the balmy ocean shores of the southeastern United States, but still many of our neighbors are either still flying or have joined the ranks of pilot retirees. 
Without wrapping them all into one single stereotype, these pilots often come across as having big egos as one would develop when in charge of a large and powerful plane.

Many folks also find them cheap, which could be traced to their lower-paid military career or the per diem they receive while on the road, forcing them into some complex accounting.

Another often cited trait is that they're quite competitive and that's were sports, like skiing, or tennis are wonderful outlets for this.

Finally some also say that they tend to be insensitive, because they are so pragmatic and so high-wired that their emotional quotient takes a huge back-seat on all the rest.

What do I think about all this? I don't know; I'll need to do some research...

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