Saturday, July 15, 2017

A trumpised Macron or a macronised Trump?

Probably both! I watched the press conference on the eve of Bastille Day between the American and the French Heads of State and I thought to myself what an odd couple these two characters made and whatever inspired Macron to invite Trump over?

This duet have so little in common except for their propensity at massacring their own language. Donald by getting away with using a the very same minimum number of basic words and Emmanuel by launching into pedantic, complicated sentences almost impossible to follow and comprehend by an average Frenchman like me.

At one point, Macron jumped on the chance to flatter Trump by finishing his sentences from him and showing off his command of English for whole world to see. Most of the time, Donald look out of place and bored, until he began rambling about his “good boy, nice person” when talking about Donald Jr.
This might help French tourism and I bet that after the two couples dined at Tour Eiffel, they're now at least Facebook friend. This joint performance was held together by some cheap duct-tape and looked almost pathetic; well I should say, “sad, sad, sad...”

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