Sunday, July 9, 2017

A German fly on the wall...

I am a German fly and I was on the wall when Putin met with Trump.
At first, Trump asked Tillerson and Lavrov to walk over to the large bay window and watch the demonstration while they had a more intimate conversation...

Trump: “As I said it's an honor to meet with you Vlad. I just wanted to thank you again for getting me elected...”

Putin: “Don't mention it; simple professional courtesy between tyrants.”

Trump: “Sure, but your FSB guys did a terrific hacking job”

Putin: “Right, I trained them well when I was at the KGB, but let's talk TV for now. Do you still want me to transform your CNN into RT?”

Trump: “Yeah, that'd be so good if we could turn this already fake media into a 'real' fake one...”

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