Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sibling relationship

In re-editing some old family videos from the 80s, I ran into one in which my two kids (son and daughter) were getting into an argument.

You've all heard about the reasons for sibling rivalry as they generally range from the way kids were raised by their family, their education, their culture and a host of psychological and even psychiatric considerations.

I must say that I have serious doubt about all of these “scientific” reasons. I tend to think that if parents get twelve children, they'll discover twelve different personalities and behaviors altogether.

This further mean that, as sibling, you never get to chose your sister or brother. Siblings are placed into your environment, much like other tenants in a rental apartment, occupants of a condominium, neighbors in a subdivision, members of the military or just kids in school.

Some of the people you may be asked to live next to, or with, will never click with you. Some will become your very best friends while others won't stand you or you simply won't stand them.

Just like romantic relationships; pure chemistry is what it's all about, nothing more, nothing less and distributed compliments of randomness. This my simple, but perfectly logical take on sibling love and rivalry.

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