Saturday, July 8, 2017

Casual mountain living vs. vanities

When we first arrived in Park City, more than a generation ago, it was a casual mountain lifestyle for all.

We couldn't tell who was rich or poor as we all got around in Jeep Cherokee or small Subarus, and lived in similar houses. No one was pretending too much. We were just enjoying the simplicity and the casualness of mountain living and appearances took a back-seat to our true selves.

Since these happy days, times have changed and while the Aspen's saying “Billionaires have displaced millionaires” is now starting to ring true in Park City, human vanities are all around us for anyone to see, from fancy cars to luxury watches, “Mac Mansions” or exotic trips.

We do our best to remain unfazed and carry on with our 32 years old way of life...

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