Friday, July 14, 2017

Treasure Mountain, Park City

A couple of days ago, I mentioned this big project and included a video showing how it would deface Park City.

Here is some more interesting background: In 1986, the City Council approved the Sweeney Properties Master Plan (aka Treasure Hill), a concept creating a dense and compact extension of Old Town Park City on over 100 acres.

It appears that back in these days, that approval was for 415,000 square feet of new construction. Over the years, the project has been kicked around and each time, the applicant asked for more constructed area, reaching just over one million square feet, ignoring evidently the original deal.

A few years ago, the family that owned the land sold its interests for about $25 million to an investor but has kept on representing the project. A couple of years ago, the City of Park City offered $45 million for the land, but the investor refused to sell.

Today, the tug of war between the stubborn development company and our City is likely to end into a costly and protracted law suit that may drag on for years...

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