Wednesday, July 5, 2017

America's 241st birthday

Birthday come and go and yesterday was another number for America.

We moved to this country the year after it celebrated its 200th birthday and while we didn't quite grasp the significance then, and we're still confused at times today by our new host country.

Today, the Nation seems rudderless, with a deranged individual at the helm and with expectations that are no longer in sync with common sense, keen observation and our modern times.

Take growth, for one thing. America enjoyed a tremendous growth based in part on free land and free labor and today that no one wants to be colonized anymore, we must compete without the unfair advantage of exploitation and in an overcrowded world competing for dwindling opportunities, space and resources.

We still could do okay if our Politic Class had the spine to tell it to us the way it is and honestly reset our expectations, but no, it keeps on lying and on painting unrealistic promises and fictitious schemes.

Without buying into the “Make America Great Again” utopia, I wish America can last at least another 241 years, but this far from certain and it will come at a cost of plain truth, lowered expectations and heighten sacrifices.

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