Monday, July 31, 2017

American mountain towns' future

If 2017 was another evidence - so far - our mountain climate is warming up. In fact it's been a long time since we've seen that warming trend coming.

I was talking about it in this blog more than 10 years ago and the situation has kept on deteriorating at a sinister pace. Okay, we now agree that winters will be warmer, shorter and that snow will become a much more precious commodity.

Yet, during future summers, sea level temperatures will keep on climbing and getting away to the Rocky Mountains will spell some sure relief, even if that new one is not nearly as cool as it would have been half-a-century before.
This said, in the meanwhile, mountain resorts will have beefed-up their recreational offering and spring, summer and fall will be fun-filled seasons, perhaps beating winter as we currently know it.

So, enjoy our traditional winters while they last and get ready for an exciting off-season that will bring year-round recreation, all over the mountain!

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