Thursday, August 26, 2010

25 years ago today...

...Our family set foot in Park City after a five day cross-country journey, the four of us packed inside the family sedan. Our final “stage” started in Vail, Colorado, took us to Steamboat Springs and brought us to a place where trees were conspicuously absent. That evening, the house we had just bought wasn't ready for us and our moving van wasn't there yet, so we all had to sleep at the brand-new Landmark Inn, located at nearby Kimball's Junction.
As our children explored their new home, Charlotte who still was a toddler, stepped onto a thin hot-tub Styrofoam cover and sank all the way into the cold water, screaming from the bottom of her lungs; what a way to get acquainted with the place's amenities! That's right, in these days Park City was a very strange place for all of us; it wasn't the “ritzy” destination it's become today and it took a good year for each one of us to find their bearings. Today, my wife and I are so happy to be living in such a great place, that we're looking forward to at least another 25 years in that town. God willing, of course!


Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to seeing both of you around here for the next 25 years. Ken and Chris

Thomas said...

Those haircuts are somewhat criminal if you ask me. 25 years and I think it's now safe to say that I'm a "Utahn."

Those were both some good dogs.. Just wondering who snapped the photo.