Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Pakistan screams for help

Another natural tragedy is hitting Pakistan and it seems only normal that this impoverished nation is asking for aid from everyone else. Last night I heard that the U.N. was asking a contribution by member nations to the tune of half a billion dollars. Fine, but wait a minute; are Pakistan's priorities as they should? That's right, this developing country has chosen to put most of its small resources into building nuclear weapons.

With an arsenal comprised between 50 to 100 nuclear warheads, Pakistan has squandered its wealth and its security reserves into developing weapons of mass destruction. This is a perfect opportunity for a majority of nations to make its voice heard: “Okay for financial assistance, but since the emperor has no clothes, time now for dismantling nuclear arms you obviously can't afford.” This should be a prerequisite step; what's your take?

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